HnE is about exploring, experiencing, trying and creating all that is a sustainable lifestyle.

My name is Keltia (or Kel) happy owner and creator of this website. HnE has been a dream and it’s taken a while to come to fruition. I am so very happy and cannot wait to begin this adventure.

Living a sustainable lifestyle can mean many things, yet for me it is about living a lifestyle  that leaves a lighter footprint upon this earth. It is also about living within your means be it financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Lastly it’s about being prepared for whatever situation life throws at you.

These are my passions, my loves, my everyday life’s routines, my failures, all delivered, with a tinge of humour and Aussie-ness.


I ask this of you, have a look around, hang around, sign up for the newsletter or make a comment. Let me know if I am doing ok and heading in the right direction. To me community is important, it is what holds our world together. Hopefully HnE will become a place where a vibrant community will form and thrive. If there is something wrong, you have a question or want me to try something new.  Let me know… I am always up for a new adventure unless of course it is swimming with a Great White or walk into a dam where there are eels or yabbies…nope nada ain’t doing that.

Stay Well and True