“A re-purposing of ingredients from the bottom of the fridge, to create a fresh yet full flavoured budget soup, that is also freezable.


You know that feeling when you open the fridge, peer in and down the bottom are containers or bags of leftovers or bits that you need to use before they die the ‘fridge death’. This is how this recipe began with two of those types of ingredients and a thought about layering flavours. Plus I was hungry and I had to make up some meals for the hubby to take on the road.


The two main ingredients were leftover roasted turkey meat (that had been picked from the carcass and put aside so I could make turkey stock using the bones), and kale stalks (left over from kale that was on special used to make kale powder).

The other ingredients were already in the fridge or cupboard. Bacon was used as a source of saltiness/smokiness, onion for sweetness. The white beans for their heartiness in filling out a meal. Lemon n parsley for acid and freshness. Herbs n spices were from the cupboard or garden, and sweet n smoky paprika being the main spices used for depth of flavour and colour.

Afterwards while I was ‘testing’ a bowl of this soup, I felt really surprised by how it turned out. It was really delicious, and I felt proud of myself. I had stepped up and went with my feelings on adding this and that. It was also a bit of ‘WOW’ moment. I had achieved a meal that ticked all my boxes of being cheap, using and re-purposing, freezable. My confidence soared in trusting my instincts. I worked out by myself that ‘YES’ I can make meals on a budget, from leftovers etc, but they can also taste really good. I started this recipe with ideas and from there built up the recipe in  layers and succeeded in making a soup that had many flavours that did not overpower or fight with each other, but blended and shined well enough to make me smile.

“Please enjoy and remember that recipes are a guide … allow yourself the freedom to explore your own taste style.”


A re-purposing of ingredients from the bottom of the fridge, to create a fresh yet full flavoured soup.

Cook Time:40 min
Prep Time:10 min
Total:50 min
No of Servings:6 servings
Cooking Method:Frying and Simmering
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