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I am not perfect therefore there may come a time where an error is made. If so, please let me know.

We are all responsible for our own actions, all recipes and techniques etc, please do so with the knowledge that you attempt them at your own risk.

My intentions are not to inflame, but to invoke healthy thought and discussion.


All recipes are the creation of Hearth n Earth unless other wise stated.

If you are going to publish a recipe or use it as a base for a another recipet, please give credit and a link back to my website.

I will always attempt if I have used someone else’s recipes to provide acknowledgement and a link back to their website or source.

Any of the recipes you are unsure of please contact me and ask about it.


I have a love for photography and graphics, therefore this section of HnE means a lot to me.

All photos or graphics within the galleries or on this website are the property of Hearth n Earth, therefore copyrighted.

All photos were taken with my phone, as I do not own a camera. I do not believe in buying a camera or equipment just to take staged images of food. I also do not cook meals solely to stage for posts, as I see this as a waste of food and a expenditure that I cannot personally endorse.

If an individual wishes to use an image or graphic please contact HnE for permission of use. If someone wishes to purchases an image or graphic please also contact me.


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