is about identifying OPTIONS AND CHOICES that make our lifestyles sustainable.  For me LIVING SUSTAINABLY  is about being honest with yourself and living within your own means or within the global boundaries. Be them your family, environment, financial, physical, emotional and spiritual. These include those options and making choices that provides a balance, that will work for yourself and your family including ones that are flexible enough for when life throws unexpected events or things your way.

In truth, I love my family, the environment, growing food, cooking, preserving, and being a bit of a free thinker ponderer and doer. I want to find my ‘happy place’ where I can feel good enough that I am mindful of the environment, but  can still provide for my family and live within our means.

Today’s world is moving so fast, that we wonder where the time goes and why we don’t have enough hours in the day. Feeling tired and for-going our own health to live up to expectations placed on us by society grows. Choice is slowly being eroded of how we should live our lives, and this keep us in a perpetual cycle.

Making the decision to question one’s lifestyle is truly a momentous step. Feeling that life could be different or the twinge of conscious over what happens with the planet and it’s inhabitants. For some it doesn’t bother them or they don’t think about it, but for others it make you feel you need to change. I am at the stage in my life where this is happening to me and what happened to me  – I cried, felt brain meltdown and started to research and than freaked at where do I start.

So, where does that leave us you may ask. Well at the beginning of course…lol… Seriously it leaves me with my website – Hearth n Earth and feeling that I must not be the only one out there thinking like this.

Please join me in this conversation of sustainable living …


Call me an idealistic dreamer, the HEARTH is my kitchen, my centre. In time past the hearth was vital and sustained many a person and family through it’s warmth, nourishment and as a meeting place. Today our kitchen are central in our homes, with open plan living they are not a  hidden room no more. This sections of the website is about the kitchen, home and how we live. Through looking and learning what options we have in budgeting, finances, shopping for groceries, wha’s in season, cooking, living greener, preserving food, and being smarter than the average Koala bear in living a sustainable lifestyle

EARTH is my garden … my sanctuary. From learning how to grow and raise food, the different ways in which this can be achieved, and environmental issues. Through the Earth section you will see how I can/attempt to grow food on a normal house block in a country town and how I dream of owning more land and growing food for myself, my family and others.

In April I turned 50, that’s right FIVE+ZERO, and boy does it bring with it new challenges, some serious questions and reflections. FIVE+ZERO is a sharing of the conversations I have with myself, and what I think about in general and the world. I reckon it’s going to be a very interesting … so please join me.

Stay Well and True